Stainless Steel Rotor & Brake Pad Upgrade

  • Stainless Steel Rotor & Brake Pad Upgrade


This is an upgrade package for individuals who already have the Moser Drag Brakes. This upgrade will be for the racers with more aggressive braking tendencies where the normal pad and rotor combinations would build up too much heat. These rotors and pads will work with all Moser Drag Brake kits. They are however exclusive to one another, the rotor and pads have to be ran together and cannot be mixed with different rotors or pad combinations. 

This upgrade package will include:

2ea Stainless Steel Rotors
2ea Spiral Snap Rings
1 Set of Hawk DTC-30 Brake Pads

Upgrade for Dual Calipers will get you 2 Sets of the Hawk DTC-30 Brake Pads!