Live Axle assemblies for Gen 5 Camaros shipping now!

Posted May 12th, 2014

The First Complete High Performance 5th Generation Camaro Live Axle Conversion Package

The all new Stock Eliminator rear conversion and live axle package for the 2010 and up Camaro is shipping. These packages were initially designed for the Stock Eliminator classes and utilize our Moser Engineering designed 12 Bolt. They can also be used for other classes and even in those extreme horsepower street applications utilizing our beefy Moser M9 fabricated housing. This live axle application requires some modifications to the car for the conversion but gets rid of the failing half shafts. Lets face it, even the best aftermarket half shafts are breaking with these cars and nothing performs better or more consistent in high horsepower applications than a live axle. These 2 packages feature all the adjustability you will need to win right out of the box and the reliability you demand. Don’t break another rear shaft and spend weeks in the garage…Choose common sense…Choose Moser Engineering.


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Chad Wendel Flying Moser Colors In NMRA Super Stang

Posted May 10th, 2013

After a breakout season in the NMRA’s Super Stang class in 2012, where he finished the year on top as the class Champion, Chad Wendel has continued putting solid performances on the board so far in 2013. Despite a second-round breakout loss at the Florida event, the Moser Engineering-sponsored racer has continued to hone his skills. He didn’t fare terribly well in Atlanta at the second event, going out in the first round at the hands of Marvin Knack on another breakout, but he had a great showing at the most recent event this past weekend at Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, Maryland. 

In order to make it to the final round there, he was the lucky recipient of a single pass in the randomly-paired class in the first round, which allowed him to take a shot at the tree. He became the top qualifier with a stout .015 reaction time after the first round, then proceeded to saw his way through the competition on Sunday, where he finally fell in the final round at the hands of longtime class competitor Pete Espeut in a hard-fought battle. Other opponents to fall by the wayside on the day were the notoriously-hard-to-beat Joe Cram, where Wendel ran an 11.998 on a .97 dial-in, and David Leichty, who took the loss in a double-breakout race.

Super Stang is one of the more difficult classes of competition in the NMRA with more than 20 cars regularly appearing, and rules that allow you to dial your own ET on Sunday prior to eliminations. That dial must stay the same throughout the day, providing an extra layer of challenge to the racers. Wendel has proven to be one of the more proficient at this challenge, but it’s still anyone’s game come race day. His choice of mount is a naturally-aspirated 2007 Mustang GT that features a full suspension from BMR and a number of other touches to achieve the ET’s. Wendel has been racing for over 25 years and started out with a Fox Body Mustang like so many of us before switching to the current ride.

Moser Now Carries Lucas Oil Products!

Posted February 20th, 2013

Moser Engineering is now carrying the Lucas line of rear end fluids to compliment your new Moser or rebuilt stock rear. The Lucas family of products is the only diff fluid Moser Engineering will ship with our rears. You can count on quality, convenience and affordability only from Moser Engineering and Lucas Oil.


C5 Corvette Rear Sub Frame Assembly for Stock Eliminator Drag Racing

Posted April 23rd, 2012

Moser Engineering is proud to announce a complete solution for C5 Corvette owners that are looking to race in NHRA Stock Elminator classes!

Moser Engineering Sponsored C5 Corvette

Moser Engineering Sponsored C5 Corvette

The Moser Engineering rear sub frame Assembly for C-5 Corvettes (1997-2004).

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Moser Engineering is always looking for ways to help our
racers get to the winners circle. The opportunity is now here with the weight advantage
allowed for C5 corvettes in NHRA Stock Eliminator classes and Moser Engineering
is delivering a product to help you beat the competition. We have engineered a
kit that allows the C5’s weight advantage to be capitalized upon while still maintaining
a legal Stock Eliminator car and getting rid of the unreliable and unrepeatable
independent rear. This live axle conversion gives you the strength you need to run
a long Sportsman season without the worry of maintaining an independent rear.
This assembly comes standard with a Pro Gear and Moser Engineering’s Custom
Alloy Axles along with the Moser 12 Bolt unit.

This assembly was primarily designed for NHRA Stock Eliminator classes but can be adapted for other uses. Since the C-5 Corvette is designed to be an independent rear with a transaxle, modifications must be made to the transmission tunnel, torque tube tunnel and upper rear control arm mounts to facilitate this installation. These modifications must be done in advance of the installation of this kit. The lower portion of the rear frame rails directly above the rear end housing may need to be C notched for adequate clearance. The stock fuel tanks, lines, etc…. need to be removed as well.

C5 Corvette assy front

Quick OverviewThe New Moser Engineering C-5 Corvette Rear Sub Frame Assembly!

Fits: 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette

*Kit ships within 3 weeks of online order completion!

The standard kit includes the following;
New Moser 12-Bolt Housing
35 Spline Custom Alloy Axles
Moser Lightweight Steel Spool
12-Bolt Pro/Comp Ring & Pinion
1350 Series Chrome Moly Pinion Yoke
Timken Bearings
5/8″ Drive Stud Kit (2″ or 3″)
Sealed Axle Bearings
Chrome Moly – Torque Arm, Driveshaft Loop, Transmission Cross-member, Panhard Bar, Track Locator, Lower Control Arms, Spring Saddles, Anti-Roll Adjuster, Anti-Roll Arm, Anti-Roll Tubes and Frame Rails
Mild Steel – Front Cross-member, Rear Cross-member, Upper Shock Mounts, Spring Mounts
All Associated Hardware is supplied!

Moser Engineering NHRA Sportsman Shootouts offers bonus cash!

Posted January 1st, 2012
Moser Sportsman Shootout decal

Moser Sportsman Shootout decal

Drivers who compete in seven NHRA sportsman classes will be eligible to participate in two new sportsman shootout programs sponsored by Moser Engineering.
NHRA Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootouts will be held in NHRA Division 3 and NHRA Division 4 for competitors in Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman starting in the 2012 season.
The North Central Division NHRA Moser Sportsman Shootout will be held at the 2012 JEGS Northern SPORTSnationals and the South Central Division NHRA Moser Sportsman Shootout will be held at the 2013 JEGS Cajun SPORTSnationals. Each Moser Engineering Shootout event posts a purse of $15,000, with each winner taking home up to $5,000.
To become eligible for the Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootout, drivers will earn points at select NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Divisional races as well as NHRA National Open events. The top two points earners in each class will make up 14 of the 16 car field with the remaining two spots being filled via a random draw from the field of qualified racers.
“Moser Engineering has long been one of largest supporters of Sportsman racers with our contingency and specialty programs that reward excellence in the sportsman ranks,” said Rob Moser, president of Moser Engineering. “These racers have proven to be a major key to Moser Engineering’s success over the last 25 years. At the same time we have also been a big supporter of NHRA’s sportsman with our contingency programs. In recognition of the strength and value of NHRA brand we are launching a new sportsman program to reward the best sportsman racers at the divisional level. The “Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootout” will be a continuation of this philosophy. Anyone familiar with the Moser Engineering sportsman programs in the past will be excited to know that this will start out with 2 divisions initially with the intention of expanding to all 7 Divisions. In a time of reduced payouts and a pullback of some corporate sponsorship we want the heart of drag racing to know that it is recognized and appreciated.”

Moser Engineering Dynamic Performance Drag Brake Kit

Posted December 7th, 2011

Moser Performance Drag Brake Kit closeup edited 260x260 


Moser Engineering Pro Drag Disc Brakes


Moser Engineering announces the release of a revolutionary new standard for safety and performance in pro drag disc brake kits. We started with a clean sheet of paper when it came to the R&D of this caliper, rotor and hat design. Beginning with the caliper, Moser Engineering designed a competition race series 4 piston aluminum anodized forged billet caliper made of 6061 T6 billet aluminum instead of a cheaper cast caliper. The anodized calipers help eliminate corrosion and preventable wear.  A dual pin is used for pad retention and o-rings are used to eliminate pad chatter. Stainless steel pistons & Teflon coated one piece bleeder screws are included in the design with dual crossover ports for quicker fluid release on the outboard pistons. Another Moser feature is the caliper and rotor design that allow for 25% more pad contact area than other calipers and allow for a 20% thicker pad than most of the competition. The kit ships with industry leading Hawk pads that lean on their years of expertise in racing brake pad design and compounds. For the revolutionary rotor/hat design we designed a 2 piece keyed, slotted and drilled rotor combined with a hat that utilizes a spiral retaining ring to help allow more radial growth during high temp cycles than the competing designs already in the market. This helps to reduce the sticking, warping and belvilleing that occur in most other designs under heavy braking. Our Caliper along with the keyed rotor and hat design has over 4 years of R&D and track testing to assure reliability and performance. Ask any racer who is using these kits and you will find that this kit instills confidence like no other kit on the market. So when you are looking for the new standard in Race Ready Pro Disc Brake Kits contact Moser Engineering.


Made in the USA, Track Tested in the USA.


Bullet points to be used on the flyer around the picture.

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  • Competition Race Series 4 Piston Aluminum rear brake kit
  • Race Ready
  • Calipers are constructed from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Assembled with stainless steel pistons & Teflon coated one piece bleeder screws
  • Dual pad pin design with o rings to eliminate pad chatter
  • 25% more pad contact area than other competing calipers
  • Track Tested
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Kit includes 2 Calipers , pad pins, 1 set of pads, mounting brackets,  billet aluminum hats, 3/8” drilled rotors.


Posted December 11th, 2010

Portland, Indiana – Moser Engineering is proud to announce a partnership with Autotech Corporation. Moser Engineering will be the sole distributor in North America for the “Made in the USA” Innovative 31 & 35 spline Wavetrac Differential for 9” Ford style, 31 spline 8.8″ Ford C-Clip and 35 spline 12-Bolt applications.

This is the strongest unit available and also boasts a Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers use in a motorsports environment. Moser Engineering was sold on the Wavetrac once we tested and tried to break the units in our fleet of race vehicles. They not only passed our tests but performed flawlessly. Read the rest of this entry »

The Moser M9 Full Floater Drag Housing – Ready for Battle!

Posted August 11th, 2009

Moser M9 Drag

The new M9 Drag housings are made from 1/8” thick laser cut mild steel (a chrome-moly version is available upon request). What differentiates the M9 Drag housing from others brands available is the fact the Moser M9 Drag is fabricated from one triangulated piece of metal. This helps reduce deflection caused from torsional force at launch, which helps with a straighter and more consistent launch. Other standard strengthening components added to the Moser M9 Drag housing include internal gussets and bulk heads, and a 3/8” thick face plate. Also included are custom machined fill and drain vent, stud kit, and installed housing ends. Don’t settle for weak racing rear ends. Upgrade to the best!

• Available with brackets welded or loose.
• Housing 26” with centered pinion
• Powder coating or chroming available.
• Available in four distinct styles: Four Link, Solid Mount, Swing Arm, and Bare.
• Reinforced gussets and bulk head for superior strength.
• 3/8” face plate.


Posted January 26th, 2016

The NHRA Moser Sportsman Shootouts have moved to three new venues for the 2016 season in the NHRA Southeast, North Central and South Central Divisions.  The three events offer a combined purse of $45,000 with $5,000 up for grabs for each of the Division champions.

MOSER Shootout

A season long divisional point battle will determine fourteen of the sixteen Moser Sportsman Shootout qualifiers for each event with the remaining two “Wild Card” positions added from a lottery draw of online registrations at Racers need to register online each year and may register for each eliminator category that they will compete in, at a minimum of three events in a single division.


The Moser Sportsman Shootout is unique in that racers from the seven entirely different class structures Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman will be racing each other.  Eliminations will be in a dial-in/breakout handicap format on an eighth-mile.  The Christmas tree is in a full countdown mode with the CrossTalk feature not in use.


The first of the Moser Sportsman Shootouts will take place at the North Central Division’s NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series final at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Ky., August 27.  The Southeast Division Moser Sportsman Shootout will be held at the Division 2 final at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, N.C., Oct. 29 and the 2016 South Central Division shootout will carry over to the 2017 season at Texas Motorplex in Dallas.


NHRA Moser Sportsman Shootout points may be earned at a racer’s best four finishes at designated points events.  Points stay within the division in which they were earned.  The program decal must be displayed and visible on each side of the vehicle during eliminations to be eligible for points.  Shootout decals will be available from NHRA at qualifying events.


A $15,000 cash purse is up for grabs at each of the three Moser Sportsman Shootout events with $5,000 to the winner, $2,000 to the runner-up, $1,000 to each of the semi-finalists, $700 to the quarter-finalists and $400 to each of the remaining event qualifiers.


“The Moser Sportsman Shootout is another in a long line of programs we offer to the racers that have supported us. We have always appreciated our friends and racers who use our products and because of this support we have continued to grow for more than 30 years now. We understand why it is important to go beyond just contingency programs. It is just one of many ways we like to recognize these competitors and say thank you,” stated Moser Marketing Director Jeff Anderson Moser.


To be eligible for full posted purse qualifier must run the NHRA Moser Engineering Sportsman program decal and Moser Engineering axles and display the Moser Engineering product decal during the Sportsman Shootout Event.  Qualifiers not utilizing Moser Engineering axles and displaying the Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootout program decal and Moser Engineering product decal for the duration of the Moser Sportsman Shootout event will receive 50% of the posted awards.  Drivers are not required to have Moser Engineering axles to qualify or participate in the program.

Red Hot Cummings Wrapping Up 2014 Campaign

Posted October 8th, 2014

Hammond, LA: Moser Engineering team driver Slate Cummings is no stranger to success behind the wheel.  The second generation racer is a three-time IHRA World Champion, and has enough NHRA event trophies, Division championships, and national top-ten finishes to fill the walls of his family’s Hammond, LA based race shop.  Despite his accomplishments, Cummings is hard pressed to pinpoint a stretch throughout his career that has brought more success than the past six weeks.  Over that time period, Cummings has displayed his talent and versatility, picking up victories in every competition vehicle and category in which he has competed.

Cummings incredible run began at the prestigious NHRA US Nationals in Indianapolis.  There, he drove his Moser Engineering backed Cavalier to the SS/BS class victory.  He was joined in the Class Winner Circle by his father Larry, who drove to the SS/BM class title, and his brother Britt, who earned top honors in C/SA with his Moser Engineering backed Corvette.

A week after battling through the NHRA Stock and Super Stock wars, Slate Cummings turned his attention to the top bulb eighth mile bracket battles of the Moser Engineering Great American $50,000 Bracket Race.  There, he wheeled his team’s Moser Engineering dragster to victory and a $7500 payday in Sunday’s competition.

One week later, Cummings parlayed his success into yet another victory, this time at the NHRA Division 4 Lucas Oil Series event at Thunder Road Raceway near Shreveport, LA.  There, Cummings drove to his third title in as many weeks, behind the wheel of a third different race car when he claimed the Stock Eliminator title in his Moser Engineering Corvette.

As amazing at it sounds, Cummings still wasn’t done!  The very next weekend, he hoisted the coveted NHRA “Wally” trophy after winning the Super Stock crown at the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals in Ennis, TX.  Cummings once again showcased his versatility, driving his Moser Cavalier to a hard fought Super Stock victory.

Two weeks later, Cummings nearly duplicated that performance, driving the same machine to a runner-up finish in the Super Stock category at the final NHRA Division 4 Lucas Oil Series event of the 2014 season, contested at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, OK.

“It’s crazy how things come in bunches,” Slate explained.  “At times it seems like you can’t do anything right.  Then you have a stretch where it feels like you can’t do anything wrong.  The funny part is that we’re not doing anything different.  We’ve got great cars, and I feel like I’ve driven them really well; but the main difference is that we’re getting those little breaks.  The thousandths of a second are falling my way.  At this level, that’s what it takes.”

As the season winds to a close, the Moser Engineering backed Cummings Motorsports team finds itself in the thick of several points battles within NHRA competition.  Slate Cummings will travel all the way to Las Vegas, NV in pursuit of Division 4 Championships in both Stock and Super Stock.  He’s also in position to secure top ten national finishes in both categories.  In addition, Cummings family patriarch Larry Cummings is also in position to claim the Division 4 Super Stock crown; he’ll be making the journey to Reynolds, GA for his final points claim in an effort to overtake both his son and Jimmy Hidalgo, Jr. to claim the title.  Britt Cummings will compete at the annual Million Dollar Drag Race in October, before flying West to race the season ending NHRA Finals in Pomona.

In addition to major marketing partner Moser Engineering, the Cummings Motorsports team relies on products and services from the following manufacturers: Trumble Racing Engines, FTI Torque Converters, Sunset Racecraft, B&M Performance, Weldon, Afco, Borla, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Mickey Thompson Tires, K&N, Holley Performance, Amalie Oil, Weld Wheels, Richmond Gear, Altronics, Harwood, Nitroplate, Edelbrock, Mr. Gasket, Jeff Taylor Racing Engines, Biondo Racing Products, Auto Meter, Phantom Race Cars, Simpson Safety Equipment, H&F Performance, Folk Race Cars, Moroso, Weld Wheels, Comp Cams, Renegade Race Fuels, Total Seal, Trend Performance, Diamond Pistons, and Milodon.

This release has been developed and distributed for Cummings Motorsports by Bogacki Marketing Solutions.  For additional information and photos, please contact BMS directly.
Thank you,
Luke Bogacki
Bogacki Marketing Solutions



Posted September 21st, 2014

Rudy Matthews from Ohio City, Ohio took home the trophy in the NHRA Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootout at the 10th Annual JEGS Northern SPORTSnationals knocking out Fishers, IN., racer Ed Dudley I the final round at National Trail Raceway. Matthews, driving his ’69 Camaro posted a winning lap of 7.424 seconds at 105.61 mph. Matthews ran consistent throughout the day and took out Scotty Rienschield in round one with a favorable starting line  advantage before beating Larry Rzepcynski in round two. He then met up with Todd Frantz in the semifinals using a .009 light to take the win. Matthews picked up $5,000 from Moser Engineering for the win along with the champions trophy.

Dudley raced to a runner-up finish by defeating Christopher Carrico, Jerry Albert and local JEGS Super Gas racer Troy Coughlin Jr. on his way to the final round.

Thanks to and NHRA

Danny Waters And Slate Cummings Bring Home the Hardware!

Posted June 23rd, 2014

Moser Sponsored cars had a productive weekend with Danny Waters Jr and Slate Cummings both bringing home the hardware. Danny began with a win in Super Comp at Thunder Valley in Bristol then Slate doubled up in Tulsa with a win in Super Stock and then followed it up with the win in Stock. Congratulations Slate and Danny on your amazing performances this past weekend. Your performances as part of Team Moser make us proud to have you running our products. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing more wins this season!

The following is via Luke Bogacki Marketing Solutions:

 Tulsa, OK: Slate Cummings earned a rare double victory, driving his Moser Engineering backed machines to the title in both Super Stock and Stock Eliminator at last weekend’s NHRA Division 4 Lucas Oil Series event at Tulsa Raceway Park.  Cummings, no stranger to success as a mutli-time division and world champion, shared the stage in Tulsa with fellow Division 4 standout Tommy Phillips, who also achieved a much sought after double victory with triumphs in Super Comp and Super Gas.

Cummings made his way through Stock Eliminator with his Moser Engineering Corvette on the strength of steady reaction times and keen finish line decisions.  After dispatching Ed Ridenhour in round one, he used a near-perfect .002 reaction time to defeat friend and Division 4 All-Stars representative David Latino in round two.  He proceeded to knock out Verne Buchanan, Bill Bagley, and Jamie Greening before taking on Brenda Grubbs in the final round.  With his B/SA entry dialed .01 quicker than Grubbs’ A/SA machine, Cummings got the jump at the starting line, .024 to .034, and held on for a double-breakout win with a 10.486 (10.50 dial) to Grubbs’ 10.481 (10.51).

 In Super Stock, Cummings was sporting a fresh powerplant from Mike Trumble Racing Engines, which the team will utilize at least up to the US Nationals.  In his Moser Engineering Cavalier, Cummings defeated Jeff Town in round 1 to earn a second round bye run.  He beat Bret Voges in round 3, then used a .003 reaction time to stop reigning Division 4 Stock champion Jacob Pitt in round four.  A steady .017 reaction led him past Vic Penrod in the semi-final round, then another solid .018 light in the final made for an easy victory when Lloyd Wofford had problems.

 “I can’t say enough about our team,” beamed Slate Cummings.  “From Moser Engineering, to my dad and brother, Cool Simoneaux, and all of the manufacturers that support us – we’ve got a really good group, and on days like this it shows.  I want to thank Mike Trumble for the use of his motor, obviously we were very impressed with how well it ran.  Hopefully we can build on this momentum next week in Chicago.”

 This weekend’s NHRA Route 66 Nationals in Chicago, IL also plays host to the prestigious JEGS All-Stars event, a race within the race that has been very good to Slate Cummings in the past.  Simply qualifying for the JEGS All-Stars event is an honor in itself, as each of NHRA’s seven geographic divisions send just one representative per class.  Cummings has earned his spot in the JEGS All-Stars competition in both Stock (as the 2013 All-Stars champ he’s entered as the blocker), and Super Stock (by virtue of earning the most points in NHRA Division 4 competition).  Cummings has enjoyed an incredible record in the JEGS All-Star event over the last three years, highlighted by three consecutive victories (Super Stock in 2011, Stock in 2012 and 2013).  While no competitor has ever doubled in JEGS All-Star competition, Cummings has come excruciatingly close on two occasions: in both 2011 and 2013 he appeared in the final round of Stock and Super Stock, only to split final round decisions in both events.

 Slate is one of just 13 competitors to hold three JEGS All-Stars titles, and hopes to join Frank Manzo (9-time winner), Rudy Matthews (5), Pat Austin, Edmond Richardson, and Jeff Taylor as the only 4-time winners of the prestigious event.

 In addition to major marketing partner Moser Engineering, the Cummings Motorsports team relies on products and services from the following manufacturers: Trumble Racing Engines, FTI Torque Converters, Sunset Racecraft, B&M Performance, Weldon, Afco, Borla, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Mickey Thompson Tires, K&N, Holley Performance, Amalie Oil, Weld Wheels, Richmond Gear, Altronics, Harwood, Nitroplate, Edelbrock, Mr. Gasket, Jeff Taylor Racing Engines, Biondo Racing Products, Auto Meter, Phantom Race Cars, Simpson Safety Equipment, H&F Performance, Folk Race Cars, Moroso, Weld Wheels, Comp Cams, Renegade Race Fuels, Total Seal, Trend Performance, Diamond Pistons, and Milodon.

Larry Cummings Wins Once More!

Posted June 16th, 2014


Larry Cummings Turns in Masterful Super Stock Performance


Belle Rose, LA: The Moser Engineering backed Cummings Motorsports team is best recognized today for the success of brothers Britt and Slate Cummings.  Combined, the siblings hold four IHRA World Championship trophies, and have amassed a staggering number of event wins in a variety of NHRA, IHRA and bracket classes.  Given their success, it’s easy for family patriarch Larry Cummings to slide into the background.  Larry, now 67, was a member of the original Budweiser “Super Team” in the 1980’s and is the reason that his sons took an interest in the sport in the first place.  Larry still loves to take his seat behind wheel, and as he displayed last weekend, he’s still more than capable of holding his own!


Larry Cummings drove his Moser Engineering SS/BM Cavalier to the Super Stock victory at the NHRA Division 4 LODRS event at No Problem Raceway last weekend.  That in and of itself is no huge surprise; Cummings is no stranger to the winner’s circle.  His performance en route to victory, however, is what has drivers half his age shaking their heads in admiration.  Cummings started his day with opening round victories over Brandon Bakies and Thomas Marlow.  In round three, he used a solid .028 reaction time and perfect 8.980 on his 8.98 dial to defeat former NHRA Super Stock World Champion Larry Stewart.  The following round he improved, pairing a near-perfect .001 reaction time with a 8.979 on his 8.97 dial-in to knock out Matt Hoover and earn a semi-final bye run.  Waiting in the final round was reigning Division 4 Stock Eliminator champion Jacob Pitt.  It’s nearly impossible to improve upon a .001 reaction time, but Cummings did just that: posting a perfect .000 reaction and running 8.982 on his 8.97 dial to seal the victory.


“We’re just proud of dad,” Britt Cummings said.  “It’s always fun to see him do well, and the way he drove today was just incredible.  The rest of the team performed well, but we were all done by the late rounds and we were all watching ‘Pops.’  He definitely showed us how it’s done!”


The Cummings Motorsports team brought a fleet of competition vehicles to their hometown NHRA event, as no less than 8 Moser Engineering backed machines were entered in competition.  In addition to Larry’s Super Stock victory, both Slate Cummings and team driver Jody “Cool” Simoneaux advanced to the 4th round of Stock Eliminator.  Despite a great .005 reaction time, defending division champion Slate Cummings fell in round 3 of Super Stock.  Britt Cummings was defeated in round 3 of Super Comp, and Simoneaux fell in round 2 of Super Street behind the wheel of the team’s latest addition: a ’66 Chevy II.


In addition to Moser Engineering, the Cummings team relies on products and services from the following manufacturers: FTI Torque Converters, Sunset Racecraft, B&M Performance, Weldon, Afco, Borla, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Mickey Thompson Tires, K&N, Holley Performance, Amalie Oil, Weld Wheels, Richmond Gear, Altronics, Harwood, Nitroplate, Edelbrock, Mr. Gasket, Jeff Taylor Racing Engines, Biondo Racing Products, Auto Meter, Phantom Race Cars, Simpson Safety Equipment, H&F Performance, Folk Race Cars, Moroso, Weld Wheels, Comp Cams, Renegade Race Fuels, Total Seal, Trend Performance, Diamond Pistons, and Milodon.


The next outing for the Cummings team will be the NHRA Division 4 event in Tulsa, OK, June 22-23.  From there, the Hammond, LA based

Via: Luke Bogacki