Moser Engineering Factory Five Rear on MuscleCar TV

Moser Engineerings support of Factory Five shows this weekend June 26th with the repeat broadcast of MuscleCar TV. The episode highlights the Moser rear that is used in these Cobras and how they stack up to the original Cobra car. For more information on our offerings for your Factory Five or any other Kit car click here:   TSD units for Factory Five. closeup of product MuscleCar TV

The show scheduled to air @11:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Check your local times to verify. Tune in and check it out if your home or if your at the track like we are then you will have to Tivo or DVR it! If you miss it this weekdend it will broadcast again through the end of the year so keep an eye out for it on your Cable or Sat guide.

MuscleCarTV 2012

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