C5 Corvette Rear Sub Frame Assembly for Stock Eliminator Drag Racing

Moser Engineering is proud to announce a complete solution for C5 Corvette owners that are looking to race in NHRA Stock Elminator classes!

Moser Engineering Sponsored C5 Corvette

Moser Engineering Sponsored C5 Corvette

The Moser Engineering rear sub frame Assembly for C-5 Corvettes (1997-2004).

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Moser Engineering is always looking for ways to help our
racers get to the winners circle. The opportunity is now here with the weight advantage
allowed for C5 corvettes in NHRA Stock Eliminator classes and Moser Engineering
is delivering a product to help you beat the competition. We have engineered a
kit that allows the C5’s weight advantage to be capitalized upon while still maintaining
a legal Stock Eliminator car and getting rid of the unreliable and unrepeatable
independent rear. This live axle conversion gives you the strength you need to run
a long Sportsman season without the worry of maintaining an independent rear.
This assembly comes standard with a Pro Gear and Moser Engineering’s Custom
Alloy Axles along with the Moser 12 Bolt unit.

This assembly was primarily designed for NHRA Stock Eliminator classes but can be adapted for other uses. Since the C-5 Corvette is designed to be an independent rear with a transaxle, modifications must be made to the transmission tunnel, torque tube tunnel and upper rear control arm mounts to facilitate this installation. These modifications must be done in advance of the installation of this kit. The lower portion of the rear frame rails directly above the rear end housing may need to be C notched for adequate clearance. The stock fuel tanks, lines, etc…. need to be removed as well.

C5 Corvette assy front

Quick OverviewThe New Moser Engineering C-5 Corvette Rear Sub Frame Assembly!

Fits: 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette

*Kit ships within 3 weeks of online order completion!

The standard kit includes the following;
New Moser 12-Bolt Housing
35 Spline Custom Alloy Axles
Moser Lightweight Steel Spool
12-Bolt Pro/Comp Ring & Pinion
1350 Series Chrome Moly Pinion Yoke
Timken Bearings
5/8″ Drive Stud Kit (2″ or 3″)
Sealed Axle Bearings
Chrome Moly – Torque Arm, Driveshaft Loop, Transmission Cross-member, Panhard Bar, Track Locator, Lower Control Arms, Spring Saddles, Anti-Roll Adjuster, Anti-Roll Arm, Anti-Roll Tubes and Frame Rails
Mild Steel – Front Cross-member, Rear Cross-member, Upper Shock Mounts, Spring Mounts
All Associated Hardware is supplied!

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