STREET LEGAL TV Hightlights Moser M9 Package

STREET LEGAL TV Hightlights Moser M9 Package with a web article called – Hookin’ and Bookin’ – BlownZ’s M9 Rearend and Suspension.


The guys at Street Legal TV said “In many ways, Project BlownZ is a car of contradictions. We have no intentions of driving our black 4th Gen Z28 on the street, but yet we plan to use a stock style suspension and small 275 radials to hook up nearly 1,300 ProCharged ponies from our race-bred 388ci LSX at the drag strip. Some folks might think it would be easier to do a full tub job and fab up a triangulated 4-link for our race-centric purposes, but we say where’s the fun in that?”

Find out how they turned a mild 4th Gen into a Hookin’ and Bookin’ BlownZ and see what Moser can do for your 4th gen.!

To find out more on what Moser Products they used click on this following link to view the whole story.

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