• Part # 6300G - Ford Explorer Disc Brake Kit
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Axle Requirements:
Axle Center Hub: 2.800"
Axle Flange Diameter: 6.350"
Housing End: Big Ford New Style ("Torino")
Brake Offset: 2.5"
Parking Brake: YES (internal Drum)


The tried and true kit that is also very economical is the easiest way to describe this brake kit. There is an endless supply of replacement parts for these kits as well. This means when it is time for new pads and rotors you won't be endlessly searching trying to find these items.

Features a Single Piston Caliper, 11" Solid Rotor, Brake Pads, Loaded Backing Plates and an Internal drum type parking brake. This kit mates to the New Style Big Ford "Torino" Housing End and requires a 2.5" Brake offset. A slight modification to the caliper bracket and backing plate is required when using with semi-float axles in that a Dremel tool will need to open these two pieces up to allow the Big Ford Bearing (3.150") to pass through. 

This brake kit can accommodate up to a 6 x 5 1/2" bolt Pattern.

*Note This kit will require an Access Hole in your axle flange as well as your bearings to be removed to allow the bearing spacer shim to be installed on the axles before the bearing is pressed on. This shim is to take up the air space between the retainer plate and bearing and should sit slighly proud of the backing plate.