Full Floater axles (4 Wheel Drive & HD)

Truck Full Floater Custom Alloy Axles



Hi-Performance, non-tapered floater axles are available in 16 - 35 spline combinations for 3/4 and one ton trucks. The axles can be made in any length up to 39 5/8" and with any 8 lug pattern. These axles are forged and induction hardened utilizing our superior Custom Alloy material. MADE THE AMERICAN WAY IN THE USA!
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This part number represents 1 pair (2) axles.
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4340 Thru-Hardened Alloy Pulling Axles



Developed for Transfer Truck pulling classes we start with 4340 Thru Hardened Bar Stock for the axles and utilize a standard 40 spline outer that mates to our chrome moly drive flange for confidence in handling you power and weight loads. We also offer optional Hub kits that utilize Chrome-Moly drive flanges and aluminum caps in standard and over-sized safety caps for added safety required in some classes and the kits come with all the hardware for the conversion. You can buy the axles here or the complete hub kit PT4210 packages by selecting the desired hub kit.

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