• Moser M9 Fabricated 9" Housing


Moser M9 Fabricated 9" Ford Housing The Can (Housing without tubes) is 15 1/4" wide.


M9 Fabricated Housings are made from 1/8 thick laser cut mild steel and 3" DOM seamless tubes standard. The Can (Housing without tubes) is 15 1/4" wide.What differentiates the M9 Drag housing from others brands available is the fact the Moser M9 Housing is fabricated from one triangulated piece of metal. This helps reduce deflection caused from torsional force at launch, which helps with a straighter and more consistent launch. Other standard strengthening components added to the Moser M9 Housing includes; internal gussets and bulk heads, and a 3/8" thick face plate, reinforced gussets and bulk head for superior strength. Also included are custom machined fill and drain vent, Center Section Stud Kit, and installed Housing Ends. Don't settle for weak racing rear ends. Upgrade to the best!

This part represents a bare housing with no bracketry installed!

The Face Plate is shifted on the Moser M9 meaning that Centered Pinion on the Moser M9 Housing is also Centered Housing unlike an OEM 9" Housing.

Unit ships bare metal finish.