TSD500 Torque Sensing Rear End Replacement

  • TSD500 Torque Sensing Rear End Replacement


TSD500 packages for FFR and Kit or Build it yourself applications


ۢ Bolt-In Axles provide improved retention over the C-Clip style axles that are supplied

with the factory 8.8۝ rear ends.

ۢ Brake Offset is fixed which means easier brake installations and Caliper alignment.

ۢ Semi-float axles to minimize brake pad knock back over a floating c-clip axles for

autocross and road course racing.


Manufactured by Legend Gear & Transmission, Inc. this Robust, High-Torque Design of the TSD Differentials are professionally assembled by expert technicians for optimal hypoid gearset load-share to maximize available capacity. The TSD units are a derivative of the Dana 44 (although not sharing interchangeability of all components) which can be found in performance vehicles such as Corvettes & Vipers.

Helical Gear Differential

ۢ Ring Gear is completely set up and pattern

verified on both drive side and coast side.

ۢ High Strength, Face Mill Hypoid Gearing

ۢ Differential Carrier and Cover High-strength, ductile iron differential carrier with extra ribbing to inhibit carrier deflection under extreme loads.

ۢ Lighter weight than Ford 9۝ or DANA 60 at only 80 lbs.

ۢ Quiet Operation

ۢ Grade 8 Fasteners throughout

ۢ Premium Taper Roller Bearings for increased bearing life

Torque Sense Differential

ۢ Torque Sensing Helical Differential with 2.2 TBR

(Torque Bias Ratio @ 130 RPM and 1,800 lb-ft ->

means higher traction wheel can get up to 220%

more torque over the lower traction wheel.

Maintains the TBR over life.

ۢ Traction performance is greatly enhanced

compared to clutch-type differential which is

NOT torque sensing.