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Inside Moser's MUSCLEPAK 9-Inch Rear End

March 18th, 2016

For a variety of reasons you may need to step things up in the drive line department on your project car to a nine inch rear end. Extreme horsepower levels, the need to swap rear end gear ratios more easily, stronger components, less gear deflection, are all reasons that come to mind. Whatever the reason a Moser Engineering MUSCLEPAK nine inch may be the smart choice for your application.

These rear ends are available as a complete ready to bolt in housing. They offer a wide variety of options to suit your build. They’re also built from all brand new parts and castings – nothing is reconditioned or remanufactured. It’s also all manufactured here in the USA.

You can order a MUSCLEPAK nine from the Moser web site or by calling them directly. Ordering online allows you to see and specify each option and the price as you build with a running total calculator at the bottom.

Each MUSCLEPAK build begins with a new housing. These housings feature seamless welds and are made from 3" OD tubing with 1/4 inch thick walls. Housings can be powder-coated as an additional option, or sent to you bare allowing you to paint or coat your way.

Center sections are built and installed based on your specifications as well. You can order the standard steel, nodular iron, or aluminum cases. Certain options for differentials may dictate which case is necessary for your application. Those differential options include Detroit Locker and Tru Trac, as well as WAVETRAC, and 35 spline spool.

Axles are available in either 31 or 35 spline designs with many of the available differential options. Axle studs come in sizes ranging from 7/16 inch up to 5/8 inch. You can also opt for a variety of brake upgrades from either Moser, or Wilwood with your order.

Moser will build and ship a MUSCLEPAK nine inch rear two days after receiving an online order. Customers can choose to have the assembly sent to a business or home. Pricing varies based on the options selected when ordering.

See the video on the Muscle Pak here:

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