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The New Solid Axle Package is designed to replace the independent
rear end assembly in the Dodge Challenger. This package is based on
the highly successful Moser M9 Fabricated housing and gives you
everything you need to build serious power without breaking like the
OEM rear. This unit still gives you a rear that can handle street driving
and the reliability to go well beyond the limitations of even the best
independent rear end upgrades. Reliability and tunability for the serious
racers that are building serious power.

•  M9 Fabricated Moser Housing w/Back Brace
•  Moser Custom Race Axles
•  Moser Subframe Assembly
•  Anti-Roll Assembly
•  Torque Arm
•  Track Locators
•  Lower Control Arms
•  Subframe Connector w/Torque Arm Connector
•  Optional Thru Bolt Aluminum Moser Center Section
•  Optional Shocks/Springs

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