• Hobby Stock Circle Track Axles
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We offer the strongest Hobby Stock flanged axle on the market! These custom alloy axles feature a giant 1.774" bearing seat for use with a 45mm bearing plus 1/2" thick axle flange and a larger radius to greatly lower the risk of flange breakage. Sure you can find a cheaper axle in the junkyard or imported from overseas, but remember...You get what you pay for. And in this case, you're going to get much more than you've paid for.

These beefed-up axles are avaliable in 28,30,31,33 and 35 spline. They can also be purchased in a package that includes the axles, 45mm Timken bearins and seals, heavy duty retainer plates, 5/8" circle track studs and our weld-on forged housing ends, specially bored for the 45mm bearings.

This item is for 1 Pair (2 axles Only) No Studs or Bearings are included!