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Racing History

Moser Racing History

Growing up in Paulding, Ohio, Greg Moser became consumed with a passion for going fast at a very early age. At nine years old, Greg and his other buddies in the neighborhood made a game out of riding their go karts around the block to see who could make it back to his garage before their parents knew they were gone.

In the 1960s, Greg started drag racing his Norton motorcycle at Wayne Trail Dragway. He was 15. High school, a motorcycle, a drag strip, and an insatiable thirst for going fast…what a combination. By the end of the decade, Greg looked for ways to push the speed barrier. Most people when they buy a brand new car and drive it off the lot look to baby the car in an effort to maintain the new appearance. Not Greg Moser. The first item of business for Moser was to drive his brand new 1971 Camaro home and install a roll cage. This was the start of Greg’s passion for racing.

Throughout the 1970s Greg traveled around the western part of Ohio and east central Indiana racing at local tracks refining his opened-wheel altered dragster a little bit at a time. Always looking to go faster, Greg combined his engineering background into his passion for racing. If there was a way to make it better, he made it. If there was a way to produce it more economically, he did it. And if there was a way to produce it before he had to race the next weekend, what ever he had to do, he got it done. Ironically, this philosophy was to be the cornerstone for day-to-day business operations at Moser Engineering.

Moser Racing Founders

In its humble beginnings back in 1982, Greg Moser, Founder and namesake of Moser Engineering, resplined a pair of axles and shortened a ’57 rear for his own race car in his garage. Now this may not seem an uncommon practice in the world of shoestring-budget racing, but Greg realized he may have stumbled upon something others would want. In fact, once discovering there was a need, Greg began advertising and perfecting the splining process Moser Engineering still uses today to respline axles.

In the 1980s, Greg improved not only his racing setup, but also refined his axle splining process. Greg also became very knowledgeable in the world of steel and forgings. As the plant engineer at the Portland Forge, One of the largest forging facilities in Indiana, Greg learned the forging process from start to finish. This became vitally important as the demand for his axles increased. Keep in mind that in the early years there was only used stock material available for resplining. It wasn’t uncommon for Greg to drop his teenage son, Rob, off at the salvage yard early on a Saturday and then pick him up later on in the day after he had salvaged all the 9” Ford axles and housings he could find.

Salvage yards weren’t the only place you would see Greg and Rob working together. Greg and his wife Marianne, and Rob worked intensely in developing the family’s racing program. Inseparable, to say the least, Rob and Marianne Moser were the backbone of Greg’s race team. And without their help early on, the success of not only the race team probably would not have happened, but also the success of Moser Engineering as well. Greg stated on many occasions that if it weren’t for the determination, dedication, and devotion of both Marianne and Rob, the fledgling company may not have got off leader in today’s drivetrain market.

And off the ground it did. In 1986, Greg and Marianne Moser made their passion for racing and their desire to succeed in business a corporate reality: Greg Moser Engineering, Incorporated was born.

Throughout the 1990s, Greg and Marianne grew their racing program to the point of becoming a viable opponent in the ever-competitive IHRA Pro Stock class. Teaming up with long-time friend and engine builder, Ron Miller, the Mosers went head-to-head with teams that had decades of professional drag racing. David and Goliath may not be an overstated comparison. The Moser team designed, manufactured, and implemented all facets of its’ racing program. From engines to drivetrain, Moser had a hand in its’ development..

Moser Racing Team

Along with a growing racing program, Moser Engineering flourished throughout the 1990s. In 1991, Moser Engineering implemented its’ new custom forged axle. The same design was so successful that it is still being used today. Developing new components and completing its current product lines helped Moser Engineering become a well-known entity in the racing world.

As the millennium came to a close, Greg and Marianne Moser looked at the future of the business: Enter Rob Moser. With a solid understanding of the family business, extensive drag racing experience, and a University of Southern California business degree, Rob was ready to start taking over more and more of the company’s daily operational tasks. As new products were designed and implemented, including the very popular and successful Moser 12 Bolt Housing, Moser Engineering grew to a point of needing a new facility. In 1997, the company moved into a new 50,000 square foot facility.

Hurdles in business and life are a daily occurrence. Perseverance and the ability to completely change directions when needed are a necessity to succeed. Coupled with a tragic loss, particularly when the founders of a growing and successful company are gone, strong leadership is imperative to maintain and continue to grow. In the spring of 2003, Rob Moser was faced with the unenviable task of coping with the tragic loss of his parents, Greg and Marianne Moser, and simultaneously taking over the reigns of a steadily growing business. In the end the transition was smooth and uneventful due to the management roll that Rob had been taking control of over the previous years.

Fast forward to today, Rob not only succeeded, but flourished in leading a company through one of the toughest periods imaginable, and has led Moser Engineering into a current growth period unprecedented in the Company’s history. Moser engineering now has manufacturing capabilities under roof of an approximately 100,000 square foot campus. With a solid business plan and an unquenched passion to succeed, Rob and his wife Susan are positioned to lead Moser Engineering and the rest of their dedicated staff into new markets, while ensuring their customers’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

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