A301619CDLY - 2015-19 Chevrolet 3500 Series Dual Wheel Cab & Chassis Full Floater Alloy Axles (Pair)

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This part number represents 1 pair (2) axles.


Moser Full Float Direct Replacment Axles fits; 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Chevrolet 3500 Series Dual Wheel Cab & Chassis Only 2WD & 4WD 

Part # A301619CDLY
GM Part: 23445894
Spline: 30 (1.545" OD)
Length of Spline: 7"
Length of Axle: 37 9/16" ("P" Dimension from Order Form: 37 3/16")
Bolt Pattern: 8 X 3.82"
Flange OD: 4.75"
Hole Diameter: .525"

Please Double Check your Axle Legnths and all Provided Dimensional Data against your OEM Axle Before Completing Your Order.

*These axles are forged and induction hardened utilizing our superior Custom Alloy material.

***PLEASE READ***Moser Engineering Alloy Floater Axles are NOT tapered like the stock axles. Be sure to check for clearance at the “X” points! You may have to open up the spindle hole on the factory housing as the factory didn't always bore the holes concentric to the spindle end. You also may have to grind a little from the snout end to allow for clearance. The axle should not rub anywhere or it could gauld. The Moser axles you have purchased are a pre-mium material and maximized for strength by keeping as much material as possible on the shaft. DO NOT machine the axles. Any alteration to the axles could severely weaken the shafts and cause damage or failure. Click here for the Product Disclaimer

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