• Pro Extreme Custom Made Alloy Axles
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If you are looking for a Hi-Performance axle that can withstand the most extreme horsepower demands, look no further. The Moser Extreme is a 40 Spline, Gun-Drilled & PRO-Flanged Axle manufactured with premium quality quality Alloy steel, forged from Moser Engineering designed tooling, induction heat-treated to optimize torsional strength, and is 100% magnfluxed. The axles feature a shaft size of 1.705" and oversized 1.774" bearing seats. the Moser Extreme performance axle is made to with stand tremendous horsepower, which enables the serious racer the ability to upgrade to a bigger premium shaft and not add the weight. In fact, the Moser Extreme performance axle is lighter than a standard 33 spline axle. The Moser Pro Extreme can be splined to fit any manufactures spool and carriers a standard 10-year replacement policy