6200-0006 - Stainless Steel Rotor Drag Pads (Hawk DTC-30)

  • 6200-0006 - Stainless Steel Rotor Drag Pads (Hawk DTC-30)
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  • *Pads shown altered to be used with the Moser Full Floater


Hawk Performance
Brakes made for just about every type of driving.
Hawk Performance is actually owned and manufactured by Carlisle Brake & Friction. Who are they you ask? Carlisle Brake & Friction is the world leader in severe-duty friction products. Were ever deceleration is needed you will find Carlisle Brake & Friction.

Hawk Performance was introduced to motorsports in 1990, and since then Hawk has outperformed it's competition and gained a pretty substantial following of loyal customers. Today Hawk is one of the leaders in motorsports and performance street braking industries.

Please Note these Pads are to ONLY be used with the Stainless Steel Rotors.

Price is for 1 Set of Pads (enough for two calipers)