SB10-MB - MICROBLUE - Carrier Bearings 10 Bolt 8.5" GM, Auburn Pro & Eaton

  • Part # SB10-MB - Carrier Bearings 10 Bolt 8.5" GM, Auburn Pro & Eaton


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How MicroBlue Works


MicroBlue® is a patented coating system that greatly reduces friction and extends the life of all moving and lubricated parts it’s applied to. This includes any bearing type, all reciprocating engine parts, turbochargers, transmission and differential parts. The improvements in efficiency and life are not subtle. Whether your aim is to improve fuel economy, extend life or simply win races, there is simply no other process on the planet that can compare to the improvements MicroBlue® brings to the equation.


MicroBlue® literally changes the way lubricants work, the same way that soft water changes the way soap wets your skin. The coating contains two atoms of sulphur, which positively interacts with all lubricants. As a result, when a lubricant comes in contact with MicroBlue, it changes the way it “wets” the surface, reducing the surface tension of the oil, which makes it far more efficient in reducing friction.


MicroBlue® is different from other coatings in many ways. The most important of which is the way it’s applied. It is literally blasted on the surface, and uses no heat or binders. And because it cannot bond to itself, build-up is a non issue. And the best part is there's absolutely no size change, no adjustments needed. Where other coatings use adhesion to stay on the surface, the MicroBlue process creates an atomic bond, which makes it impossible to chip, flake or peel. What's more, it's friction reducing abilities do not degrade over time. Your bearings will roll just as freely years from now, as they did when new.